SGLH welcomes the formation of The Gardens Trust and wishes the new organisation every success. Members of the Garden History Society and the Association of Garden Trusts voted at their respective AGM’s (24 July) to merge to form this new body which will harness the strengths of the two existing organisations.

The new Board of 12 Trustees  includes Chairman, Dr Jim Bartos and Vice Chairman, Michael Dawson. Dominic Cole OBE (formerly Chairman of GHS) was elected President. Our close links are maintained as we have a reciprocal arrangement whereby the Chairs of SGLH and TGT each sits on the Board  of the other organisation, as a non-voting member.

This merger is the culmination of several years of consultation and discussion which was driven by the sense that if working together, both organisations would achieve more.  Not only would they speak with a more powerful voice but their conservation role as statutory consultees in the planning system (in England and Wales) would be strengthened.

As in the past, there will be close collaboration when organising cross-border events and we will endeavour to strengthen our links as our organisations develop and evolve. Both SGLH and TGT are recent arrivals with a long and distinguished pedigree and we look forward to an exciting future.