Glorious Gardens in East Lothian (GGEL) Update

Aug 10, 2023

The Glorious Gardens project in East Lothian (GGEL) is well into its second year. The Steering group overseeing the project has so far met five times. This Group is made up of representatives from East Lothian Council and Historic Environment Scotland plus, of course, SGLH. The Group is due to meet again at the end of September to be briefed on the latest progress with the project.

 September will also see what promises to be a very interesting meeting of GGEL volunteers in the Star Room at the John Gray Centre in Haddington. The purpose of that meeting will be to share experiences, review some of the problems encountered during the project, examine the report template and set out plans for finalising the reports.

 More importantly, volunteers will also be briefed on how the reports will be used to evaluate the significance of each site in the East Lothian context.

 The lunch break will be followed by an account of three fascinating discoveries so far made during the project.

 We are still on the lookout for volunteers to join the project. Why not come along to the above meeting in Haddington on Thursday, 21 September at 10:30?  If you can make it, please send a message to by 15 September.