Eighteenth Century Scottish Studies Society

Jun 9, 2021

Book Proposal: The Eighteenth Century Scottish Garden

Chapter proposals are invited for The Eighteenth Century Scottish Garden, a projected volume in the ECSS Studies in Eighteenth-Century Scotland book series published by Bucknell University Press – see < https://www1.bucknell.edu/script/upress/series.asp?id=3 >.  Like all volumes in the series this one is meant to be wide-ranging and interdisciplinary and to cover a variety of aspects of the topic over the course of the long eighteenth century.  Among the suggested areas for contributions are garden design and implementation ; gardens and Scottish literature ; the philosophy of gardening ; biographical studies of key figures : Scottish gardens and gardeners in England, the Americas and elsewhere ; gardens in relation to everyday life, tourism, landscape appreciation, architecture, print culture, clubs and associations, plant introductions, the nursery trade and other key themes.  Please send a one-to-two page synopsis and a one-page CV by 1st August 2021 to Christopher Dingwall, Vice Chairman and Honorary Research Adviser with Scotland’s Garden and Landscape Heritage (https://www.sglh.org) at < dingwall@guidelines.scot >.  Chapters should be approx. 7,000 to 8,000 words including notes.  Synopses should include information about proposed illustrations (if any).  Completed drafts should be submitted by 1st August 2022, using American spelling and punctuation, and the stylistic conventions in the Chicago Manual of Style, as seen in previous volumes of the series.