Conservation Activity

Aug 11, 2023

As you may be aware, SGLH provides independent advice on Inventory and non-Inventory sites when requested by local planning authorities, Forestry and Land Scotland and occasionally the Scottish Government and individuals.
Alison Alligan has until recently fulfilled the role of Conservation Adviser responding to enquiries on behalf of SGLH.  Indeed, Alison had fulfilled this role for many years prior to the establishment of SGLH in 2015.
Earlier this year Alison notified us of her intention to stand down owing to an increasing workload at the Gardens Trust.  The Trustees would like to express our sincere gratitude to Alison for preparing responses to these enquiries.  In particular as the responses are often complex in nature and require thorough historical research, analysis and change within each historic and designed landscape.  In fulfilling the role of Conservation Adviser, Alison has amassed a wealth of expertise and her in depth knowledge will be missed.
The Trustees are delighted to announce that Beatrice Dower is taking on the role of Conservation Adviser to SGLH and that a Conservation Sub-Committee has been formed so that we may continue to provide independent advice on Inventory and non-Inventory sites in Scotland.