SLTV have kindly made a really fantastic film of the Clyde and Avon Valleys Landscape Project Citizen Science/Young Gallery/Creepy Crawlie project which we have just completed.  SLTV did the film free of charge for CAVLP and it’s wonderful for final evaluation purposes.  Karen Dobbins had to make a strong case for this to happen as SLTV get so many requests and so I would like to ask for your support.

This has been a fabulous project involving the schools in South Lanarkshire and the SLC Ranger Service.  We want to ensure that the film gets as wide a circulation as possible due to the number of partners, children involved etc and the fact that this gives great exposure for CAVLP and helps build legacy.  If this film is distributed widely (which SLTV will measure by the number of views, likes and comments on Youtube), it will allow us to build a case for support for them in the future for other CAVLP projects.

When viewing the video, please consider leaving a comment on the film.

The link is as follows –