Arboricultural Association Scottish Branch Ken Martin Memorial Award

Feb 4, 2023

SGLH Vice Chairman and Honorary Research Advisor Christopher Dingwall receiving the Ken Martin Memorial Award 2022, for services to Scotland’s Trees from Arboricultural Association Scottish Branch Chair Chris Simpson at the AASB Winter Seminar and AGM at Chatelherault.  Awarded by the branch to recognise those who have made an outstanding contribution to arboriculture and tree management, or understanding, in Scotland.

The award was turned from ‘spalted beech’. The wood has been colonised by decay fungi (often honey fungus and or cinder fungus). The different fungi create zones between each other, seen as black lines and, technically, know as ‘pseudosclerotial plates’. The fungi degrade the wood at different rates, giving rise to pleasing changes in colour.

Christopher gave a talk titled ‘A brief History of Chatelherault and Hamilton High Parks’ at the AASB Winter Seminar and AGM.