Cawdor Castle. Photograph © Matthew Benians

SGLH is a registered charity, and our aim is to promote and protect Scotland’s historic garden and designed landscape heritage.

We carry out conservation projects with volunteers, organise lectures and study days for our members and provide support to local and national authorities. Our online newsletter is issued three times a year, and we also produce an annual edition of The Pleasaunce.

SGLH was launched in May 2015. As the successor to the Garden History Society in Scotland (GHSS) and the Garden History Society in Scotland Conservation Trust (GHSSCT), we have been actively campaigning for our heritage for the last 50 years.

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Cawdor Castle Maze. Photograph © Matthew Benians
Cawdor Castle, The Paradise Garden. Photograph © Matthew Benians
Mount Stuart Walled Garden. Photograph © Matthew Benians

Become a Member

You can find out more about the rich heritage of Scotland’s historic gardens and designed landscapes by joining us and supporting our work.

Our Aims:

  • Promote the study of the history of gardens and gardening, designed landscapes and horticulture.
  • Protect the value of our heritage by encouraging the protection and conservation of historic parks, gardens and designed landscapes and by advising on their conservation.
  • In order to fulfil these purposes, we undertake the study or research into the history of gardens, parks and designed landscapes and disseminate the results in lectures, publications and on relevant websites.
  • We aim to provide or procure the provision of education, training, consultancy, advice, support and guidance, relevant to the history of gardens and designed landscapes.
  • We encourage and assist in the formation and development of local or regional recording groups to further the aims of SGLH.
  • We produce, print and publish in any media anything devoted to the purposes of the SCIO.
  • We promote and advertise the activities of SGLH and seek to influence public opinion.
  • We engage with government, local authorities or other public bodies to influence the development, policy, and regulation implemented or proposed to be implemented, relating to gardens and designed landscapes by undertaking campaigning as we are able.
  • We co-operate with any international, national, local or other body concerned to achieve our objectives.
This is not an exhaustive list but it is based on our past achievements and our aspirations for the future.